Tecniche di studio e apprendimento Aiuti per imparare
la lingua inglese
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100 free short English stories

for ESL learners with listening, grammar,
comprehension, dictation exercises, and crossword puzzles

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1. Sara Went Shopping
2. Man Injured at Fast Food Place
3. A Life-Saving Cow
4. Driver Loses Mabel, Finds Jail
5. Jerry Decided To Buy a Gun
6. Freeway Chase Ends at Newsstand
7. Better To Be Unlucky
8. Food Fight Erupted in Prison
9. Wanted To Know How His Pig’s Doing
10. Goats Being Hired
11. A Missing Cat
12. Book Him
13. Water Under the Sink (Part One)
14. Water Under the Sink (Part Two)
15. Theft Occurs Everywhere
16. Eggs and a Bunny
17. Hotel Says Goodbye to Clean Couple
18. $100 Deposit
19. Books Don’t Grow on Trees
20. A Murder-Suicide
21. New Store and Its Owners
22. Mayor Denies Hit-and-Run Charge
23. Gasoline Prices Hit Record High
24. A Festival of Books
25. Crazy Housing Prices
26. Happy and Unhappy Renters
27. Pulling Out Nine Tons of Trash
28. Cloning Pets
29. Rentals at the Oceanside Community
30. Trees Are a Threat
31. Gets Booked, Writes a Book
32. Popular Park Reopens
33. Swim Classes Begin Soon
34. Getting Older But Not Sitting Around
35. Agencies Get Millions for Homeless
36. Tenants Watch Building Burn
37. Bathtub #000099s
38. Blood Drive at Civic Center
39. City Hosts 42nd Art Fair
40. City and Crime
41. Bank Robbery
42. Immigration Goes Online
43. Jimmy Fixes His Door
44. Larry Needs a New Air-Conditioner
45. Man Gets 12 Years for Fraud
46. Man Shoots Up Post Office
47. Murals Are Over 200 Years Old
48. Pier Collapses
49. Cameras in Police Cars
50. A School Girl Sues Her School
51. SUV Driver Sends Officer Flying
52. Boy Drowns in Neighbor's Pool
53. Woman Dies in House Fire
54. Pilot Killed as Plane Crashes into House
55. Fishing for Girls
56. Woman Shot Next to Her Christmas Tree
57. Man Fatally Stabbed Outside Nightclub
58. Fishing Boat Sinks, Everyone Saved
59. The Mysterious Carport Stain
60. Woman Lies About Winning Lottery
61. Victory Dance Leads to Death
62. Eat Your Vegetables
63. Honk if You're in a Hurry
64. The Man Who Loved Women
65. How to Get out of Jury Duty
66. The Way to a Man’s Heart
67. Female Seeks Mature Male
68. Let’s Go Fishing
69. Train Wreck “Frees” Cows
70. Valuable Guitar Found
71. Stepmother Kills Herself
72. Beautiful Teacher Smiles, then Walks Away
73. Are Criminals Taking Over LA?
74. Police Arrest Happy Van Driver
75. Open Wide and Say Your Prayers
76. The Final Phone Call
77. The Doctor’s Almost Perfect Children
78. There Goes the Neighborhood!
79. Let’s Go to Vegas!
80. Squirrel Attacks Woman in Golf Cart
81. He Goes to War to Save His Baby
82. English Is Confusing
83. Pump Up the Tires and Ride the Bike
84. Don’t Go Swimming on an Empty Stomach
85. The Park That Went to the Dogs
86. Brother, Can You Spare a Carburetor?
87. Golf Like a Girl, Manage Like a Man
88. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
89. Take This Job and Shove It
90. Where Did That Book Go?
91. When You’ve Got Your Health, You've Got Everything
92. It Doesn’t Have That ‘New Car’ Smell
93. Rich Man Invites Poor Student to Dinner
94. It Only Rings When I'm in the Bathroom
95. It Was an Old, Worthless Clock
96. Schoolboys Get Five-Finger Discount on Candy
97. Collecting Seashells at the Seashore
98. Check Your Bags at the Store Entrance
99. When I Retire, We Will See the World
100. Get Me a Caffe Latte or Go to Jail

Extra Stories

1. Parades and Horses
2. The Big Wedding
3. Don’t Be in a Hurry
4. A Signer Helps Students
5. Looking for Mr. Right
6. Enjoy the Movie
7. Bad News, Good News
8. Rest in Peace
9. Topless on TV
10. The Big One
11. Register to Vote
12. Unhappy Birthday
13. Coming to the Rescue
14. Because God Says So
15. Learning English
16. Drinking Is Fun
17. A Mad Adder
18. Put up with It
19. What’s in the Box?
20. Independence Day Parade
21. Millions of Dollars
22. A Good Buy
23. Blind and Kind
24. Love Hurts
25. A Visit to Southern California
26. Stuck in the Desert
27. Learning to Share

28. Sign Right Here
29. The Street is Burning
30. A Thoughtful Gift
31. Little Hope for Hemp
32. The Ant and the Elephant
33. Heal Yourself
34. Take a Bite
35. Feeling #000099
36. Vacation at Home
37. His Stomach Is Growling
38. Moving Back Home
39. Giving Blood
40. Perfect Weather
41. English Only
42. Here It Comes
43. A Healthy Heart
44. Are You Busy Friday Night?
45. Your Eyes
46. Nutrition “Facts”
47. Two Babies
48. Problems at Home
49. A Bad Smell
50. Time to Shop
51. Fix the Car
52. Take a Drive
53. A Thief on the Sidewalk

Sommario tecniche di studio  

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